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Please email Lorene Schettino, Executive Director, at Lorene@ebfoundation.com or call 617-561-6336 regarding your application.

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The East Boston Foundation
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Prior to completing this application, be sure to carefully read the East Boston Foundation Policies, Procedures & Guidelines Governing Grant Making available at the Foundation's offices. Applications that do not comply with the specific requirements set forth by the Foundation may be subject to denial.


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1. With respect to the funding requested, please identify from the following categories the type of programs or initiative that will most likely benefit from such a grant (Please refer to Guidelines and choose only one of the following)  
Explain Above: M.OTHER/NOT LISTED  
2. Describe your specific program, project or initiative and the geographic area your proposal would most likely benefit. (e.g. East Boston only, 50% East Boston).  
3. Describe specifically what aspects of your program you seek funding for and the percentage of the proposed foundation grant you seek to allocate to each area. (i.e., staff, supplies, operating expense, etc.)  
4. Describe the overall goals and objectives of your proposal and how your proposal will help to enhance the mission of your organization (i.e. the specific types of services to be provided, the number and types of persons to be served).  
5. Please describe whether this program, project, or initiative is currently in existence, and if so for how long? If this is a new program, please describe the projected longevity of your program and your fundraising objectives/strategy.  
6. If your organization provides similar services as compared to other programs, initiatives and other organizations already in existence (either within or outside the East Boston community) describe how your organization will ensure that there will be no unnecessary "overlap" of efforts and resources.  
7. Describe your organization's experience/capacity to complete the proposed project or implement the proposed program.  
8. Describe what additional sources of revenue/funding your program has relied upon in the past; will rely upon in the future; whether there has been or will be a significant change in these sources (either positive or negative); and the reasons for such a change, if any.  
9. Please described the specific need for this program, project, or initiative within the community and how the requested expenditure will ensure that the need is met?  
10. Describe the means and levels of financial assistance, if any, you intend on providing to disadvantaged individuals who wish to participate? (if applicable)  
11. What efforts has or will the organization undertake to promote this program and ensure that the benefit conferred by the Foundation is accessible to as much of the East Boston community as possible?  
12. Describe how this program or initiative helps to lessen the impacts on the East Boston community that are associated with the operations of Logan International Airport.  
13. Please identify the organization's three (3) largest sponsors or donors (other than the East Boston Foundation) during the past three (3) years, the amounts contributed by each sponsor or donor, and the restrictions (if any) on such contribution or donation and whether such donor is contributing to this project or initiative.  
14. Please list the total amount of contributions received from the East Boston for each of the past five (5) years.  

15. In the event that a grant from the Foundation is not approved under this request, please state whether this project or initiative will continue.


Attach all copies of required documents per guidelines.

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Any questions please contact Lorene at
Lorene@ebfoundation.com or 617-561-6336.

The East Boston Foundation is a not for profit organization recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A copy the Foundation’s organizational documents, application for exemption, letter of determination and bylaws are available HERE or may be requested during regular business hours at the Foundation’s office.

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