East Boston Foundation

Members of the Board of Trustees

Chris Marchi                  chrism@ebfoundation.com     

David Arinella                davida@ebfoundation.com     

Diane Modica                dianem@ebfoundation.com    

Fran Carbone               franc@ebfoundation.com

Gail Miller                      gailm@ebfoundation.com

Gloribell Mota                gloribellm@ebfoundation.com

John Pranckevicius        johnpr@ebfoundation.com     

Robert Anthony             roberta@ebfoundation.com    

Jeffrey Drago                 jeffreyd@ebfoundation.com

Thomas Tassinari          thomast@ebfoundation.com

The East Boston Foundation is a not for profit organization recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A copy the Foundation’s organizational documents, application for exemption, letter of determination and bylaws are available HERE or may be requested during regular business hours at the Foundation’s office.

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